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Felicitation of MLC Ivan D souza
Source:Sunil Dsouza - Waves Mudarangadi

On Sunday, the 27th June at the end of holy mass celebration, Mr. Ivan DSouza, who is the newly appointed MLC of Karnataka government was facilitated on behalf of all the Kenha Mudarangadi parishioners. Mr. Ivan DSouza was facilitated with a Mysore peta (crown) by Rev. Fr. Dennis DSouza,

  Obituary : Mark Mathias(79 yrs)
  Obituary : Valerian Maxim Barboza, aged 60 years
  Obituary : Charles DSouza, aged 78 years

Salaval April 2014 / Easter Issue
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Mudarangady: Elections to Parish Pastoral Council held.

Congress always works for poor, MLC Ivan D'souza


Dubai: Calisto Abel Mathias wins Shaikh Hamdan Award 2014 for Academic Excellence

Belman: Annual Feast of St. Anthony's Chapel celebrated

Mudarangadi : New play home 'TWINKLING STAR' was inaugurated

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Felicitation of Callisto Mathias

Obituary : Mark Mathias (79 Years)

Obituary : Valerian Maxim Barboza, aged 60 years


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Mudarangady: Parish Telephone Directory released.

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